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Tests with the digital embroidery machine at Hexagram.

This was the first full color embroidery I’ve done on the Brother, mapping out the colors in separate layers. The hair and wings are hand stitched, and you can see the difference between the textures on in the detailed image. duckgirl


And this one was made for a cool guy’s birthday present, soon to be a classy metal backpatch. This one I built up with overlapping layers, so it’s thick and feels more like a tapestry than an embroidery.



Chainstitch Frameloop

Chainstitch Frameloop is my graduate thesis research about the comparative history of craft and new media. I am specifically focusing on embroidery and animation, two processes that I have been working through for a few years prior to entering grad school. When I realized that the feeling of embroidering and the feeling of animating were similar to me, I began looking into their histories to see if I could formulate any connections between the two. I’m particularly interested in country-western chainstitch embroidery for its pictography and regional familiarity to me, and live-action animation for its relationship between the cartoon and the body.

I’m approaching this research through what Barbara Bolt calls “material thinking”, a “very specific sort of knowing, a knowing that arises through handeling materials in practice. Material thinking offers us a way of considering the relations that take place within the very process of making. The materials are not just passive objects to be used instrumentally by the artist, but the materials and processes of production have their own intelligence that comes into play in interaction with the artist’s creative intelligence. (The Magic is in the Handeling, pg.29)

Through the Fibres department at Concordia University, I have access to a Brother digital embroidery machine that I’ve been sticking my fingers into. Here is one of my early tests working in tandem between embroidery and animation.


I broke my hand while crashing my bike a little over a month ago, and while unable to do much in the studio I figured it was time to join the internet. Wave hello!

At first I was dissappointed that I wouldn't be able to doodle on this fiberglass-tensor bandage cast like you would on a plaster one, but it was a great surface for chainstitching and rhinestones.

At first I was dissappointed that I wouldn’t be able to doodle on this fiberglass-tensor bandage cast like you would on a plaster one, but it proved to be a great surface for chainstitching and rhinestones.

My site has been redone thanks to my friend Matt (who has also done some sound for me on my animation Awesomosis. I have recently uploaded the full length HD version to Vimeo. 

While my site will be an archive of previous projects, I’ll be using this blog as a way to try and make sense of my graduate school pursuits.